2020 Resolutions

Published: 06/24/2020 / Updated: 07/03/2020

I've never really documented or tracked resolutions but this year I wanted to at least try. So here's my list:

  • Read a book a month (average)

  • Do 1 talk this year (doesn't have to be at a huge conference)

  • Take art classes (1 airbrush, 2 painting, 1 drawing)

  • Maybe have an art show? (super stretch goal)

  • Take guitar lessons (trying Fender Play)

  • Ride my bike more (Peloton but also want to get a new outdoor bike)

  • Work less (work smarter, not harder)

  • Workout more

  • Review 2-4 apps/websites/experiences for my site

  • Write more (in general)