Published: 06/22/2021 / Updated: 06/22/2021

I've had the privilege to work at some at some really interesting companies over the years. The biggest takeaway for me has been that the strength of the leadership determines the quality of the outcomes. 

The stronger the leadership, the better the results -- not only financially --- but from a morale standpoint. 

The weaker the leadership, the more financial results will vary, but one thing that will definitely decline is team morale. 

Teams are quite adept at seeing the flaws and weaknesses in their leaders. Stakeholders see these as well and it's not a great experience for anyone caught in the middle.

Titles aren't shields from the work that's necessary to build and maintain positive environments for teams to succeed. If you're a leader you are responsible for setting the pace, vision and most importantly -- creating an empathetic environment -- where everyone feels like they are part of a greater whole.