Where is Your Portfolio?

Published: 06/24/2020 / Updated: 07/04/2020

Lately, I've been getting this question a lot: Where is your portfolio? That is a valid question to have. Especially, when I am sitting here in my ivory tower of web design and development opinions. I'll try to answer this question without rambling too much.

How We Work

I am a small part of a team that includes designers, directors, and developers. Our roles change by the day. We could be working on design one day and coding the next. We take turns leading, particularly when someone has a great idea or a direction they think we should go for a product.

What We Do

We work on experiences and visual design is a large but secondary piece of the puzzle. What we work on is the experience we want the user to have while interacting with our products. Confused? When I say experience I am referring to the customer journeys that we agree meet business goals. These goals vary by experience and product. Metrics can revolve around ROI, average ticket, usage, page views or a combination of data points. We don't debate the color of a button, but we do debate the copy that we put on the button. We look at context and user intent in everything we do.[1. The UI plays a big part in what we do, but in a lot of cases the usability trumps the style.] Does this button communicate the right action? Is it labelled correctly? Does it tell the user exactly what will happen when it's clicked? Does it help the user reach their and ultimately the business's goal?

Reservations & Acceptance

With that being said, I have reservations about posting what we have done and claiming I did the design or development on it as it was a team effort. We work as a team, we all have a say in visual design and experience. It's a really unique thing to be a part of. Lots of heated debates about things users will never notice, but hopefully things that help them achieve their goals.

I've been accepting that I'll need to show something for all the late hours, missed family functions and sleepless nights where I mulled using a class or id for my css. Now that we have that out of the way, here's my portfolio:



  • Burger King. Roles: Product Ownership, Design & Development

  • Popeyes. Roles: Product Ownership, Design & Development

  • Tim Hortons. Roles: Product Ownership, Design & Development

Past projects can be found on dribbble or behance.